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Neaco’s aluminium decking systems have been chosen for a series of landmark bridge projects, serving some of the most creative aspects of bridge architecture. Here are some of the most high-profile examples of our numerous bridge specifications.


Bécon-les-Bruyères, Paris



This outstanding project at Bécon-les-Bruyères train station forms part of the extensive redevelopment of the Zac des Bruyeres Courbevoie in Paris.

The striking new footbridge is the key feature of first phase of modernisation carried out by contractors, Groupe GCC. It now facilitates access to routes for travelers and allows residents the passage of Asnieres-sur-Seine at Courbevoie. Bécon-les-Bruyères is one of the busiest stations in the suburbs, with more than 20,000 passengers per day, and is a major interchange with upgraded platforms and passenger buildings. The overall development was led by joint project managers, RFF and SNCF.


Gateshead Millennium Bridge


aluminium decking

Winner of the 2002 Stirling Prize, this exceptional project chose our Neatdek grilles for cycle way decking to play a part in the visual impact of the design’s dramatic opening motion in which two arches – one forming the deck, the other supporting it – pivot around their springing point to allow shipping to pass beneath. Neatdek’s unique T-bar profile allowed the appearance of the bridge to change with the angle of viewing. The  grille panels were laid square to the river and trimmed by the inner and outer curves of the cycle deck, following a parabola plan with constantly varying radii.


Twin Sails Bridge, Poole


Tanya Hart


Neaco’s Neatdek aluminium open grille system was specified for the signature feature of the £11.9 million Twin Sails Bridge in Poole Harbour.

Configured as a simple bascule, the joint between the bridge’s two hydraulically lifted sections is skewed across a flat deck, creating two triangular sail shapes which cross as they rise and come to rest in an overlapping composition, mirroring the shape of racing yachts passing through the bridge. Neatdek has been installed on both sail sections which form a sculptural piece when lifted into a vertical position.


Media City Footbridge, Salford Quays


bridge decking


Neaco’s decking is featured on this a unique footbridge between  Media City at Salford Quays and The Imperial War Museum of the North. The bridge has a dramatic curved form which responds to the radial masterplan of the site and forms an integral part of an orbital pedestrian route around the Canal basin. The steel bridge deck is supported along one edge by a series of cables which transfer loads to a distinctive fanned mast. Behind the mast, the deck flares to form an amenable public space above the water which rotates with the bridge as a counterbalance to the main, 100m moveable span across the Manchester Ship Canal.


Living Bridge, Limerick


Living Bridge


Neatdek was extensively installed at Living Bridge at the University of Limerick to form a curvaceous deck sweeping across the River Shannon and its embankments in six spans between strategically positioned support locations. The Living Bridge’s deck width pulses along its length, offering wider platforms for use as resting places or spaces for public art.


The Peace Bridge, Londonderry



Neaco supplied our Neatdek decking for the cycle way on this striking s-shaped design which features two structural arms heading in opposite directions, forming a symbolic handshake to represent the unification of Catholic and Protestant communities on the opposite sides of the Foyle River.

The bridge has been embraced by citizens and has significantly changed people’s perceptions of the city. It has also become a focal point in city activities and events, including the New Year celebrations.