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Mill Finished Aluminium Decking

Future-Proof Your Projects With A1 Fire Rated Decking

  Fire Safety Current legislation expressly prohibits the use of combustible materials in buildings with a floor above 18m in height. Although legislation allows for combustible materials below 18m, a government advice note released in January 2019 recommends that non-combustible materials should be used on residential projects regardless of building height. It is possible that,…More

neaco modular balconies

Neaco Modular Balconies Provide an All-In-One Solution

Neaco modular balconies provide an all-in-one solution and are manufactured to your specific design requirements. An All-In-One Solution In partnership with Ancon (part of the Leviat brand), we are able to provide an all-encompassing solution that includes stub brackets, thermal breaks, cantilever arms, balcony bases, soffits, modular, Fire Rated decking and balustrade systems. As well…More

A2 balcony decking fire safety

Balcony fire safety: an urgent issue for building owners and homeowners

Whilst the property market has been experiencing a mini boom since the end of the first national lockdown, thousands of apartment owners are finding themselves unable to sell or remortgage due to combustible materials on the exterior of their building. In many cases, this relates to decking on balconies which is not compliant with fire safety…More

Neaco Modular Decking Structural Steel

How Can Modular Decking Offset The Cost Of Structural Steel?

Unfortunately for the construction industry, the price of structural steel has once again increased. Industry giants British Steel have now increased their prices for the fifth time since July 2020 and, in the UK, the price of structural steel has rocketed from approximately £500 per tonne to over £700 per tonne. This sudden surge has…More



The concept of a future-proof home has broadened its appeal in the past decade. It used to be something that we only considered in our advancing years, but the evolution of design and a greater awareness of the long-term benefits have influenced a significant shift in mindset.  Instead of treating the idea as an afterthought,…More

Specification Building Service

Full Specification Building Service

As a British manufacturer with almost 50 years of industry experience, we’re able to offer a full Specification Building Service and can provide technical help at any stage of your project. Whether you need to specify a balustrade system, aluminium decking or a full balcony, our Specification Building Service will provide everything you need to…More



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