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balustrade systems

Nylon v polyester – which powder coating should you choose?

When it comes to finishing architectural metalwork such as balustrade, handrails, brise soleil and louvres, traditional painting is rapidly being brushed aside by the advance of powder coating. In contrast to conventional liquid paint, powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form and is applied electrostatically…More


Using thermal breaks for balconies

Among the many factors to consider in designing and choosing a balcony, its effect on the overall thermal performance of a building is one that you shouldn’t overlook. Balconies project from the thermal barrier of a building and pass through its envelope, which can create cold bridging.  This can cause a number of problems:  …More

metal grilles

10 tips for designing a roof access walkway

A roof access walkway is a complex and technically demanding specification which involves a range of important considerations relating to performance, safety, installation and its compatibility with the roofing structure. Here are 10 tips which cover the key factors which determine a suitable design and installation…   1 Choose lightweight material   The weight of…More

balustrade specification

Horizontal load requirements for balustrade

Horizontal load capacity is one of the most important performance requirements to consider for balustrade and other structures intended to retain, stop or guide people. However, when designing various types of built environment, it’s not a case of one load fits all: a low-traffic stairwell has different requirements to a busy theatre. The table below provides…More

balustrade systems

Modular Balustrade Systems: Best Practice in Design and Construction

This article examines the use of modular balustrade systems in the context of Modern Methods of Construction. Please read on and get in touch if there is anything that you would like to discuss in more detail – our technical experts would be delighted to share thoughts and ideas with you.     Part 1…More

designing a balcony

five key considerations for designing a balcony

Designing a balcony for your construction scheme can be a daunting prospect. With that in mind, we’ve outlined five key considerations which should inform your decision and ensure that you’re happy with your choice.      1 Ensure the design provides a safe installation   With safety foremost in any decision you make, balconies should be…More