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balustrade wire infill

Balustrade Design Guide – Part 1: stanchions

Designing balustrade for stairs, mezzanine floors, partitions and barriers is one of the more complex requirements for any built environment. There are many elements to consider, from suitable fixings for the building fabric to the horizontal load-bearing capability. Many architects find it difficult to know where to start, so with that in mind Neaco are…More


Mobility aid focus: choosing the right shower seat for your bathroom

When designing a walk-in shower facility to suit all mobility needs, easy access is a vital ingredient, but it’s also important to provide comfort and ease of use within the facility itself. The position of support fittings and furniture is essential to ensure that they provide adequate support to perform specific bathing routines. Many people…More

glass balustrade

Frameless glass balustrade and structural glass

Frameless glass balustrade, also known as structural glass, is an increasingly popular specification for contemporary design. The glass functions as free-standing balustrade and requires no supporting uprights. There are a number of different options and various performance and safety requirements to consider. Fixing methods Frameless glass balustrade and structural glass can be secured in place…More

Asda336 PR

Nylon v polyester – which powder coating should you choose?

When it comes to finishing architectural metalwork such as balustrade, handrails, brise soleil and louvres, traditional painting is rapidly being brushed aside by the advance of powder coating. In contrast to conventional liquid paint, powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form and is applied electrostatically…More

walkon1 balconies

Using thermal breaks for balconies

Among the many factors to consider in designing and choosing a balcony, its effect on the overall thermal performance of a building is one that you shouldn’t overlook. Balconies project from the thermal barrier of a building and pass through its envelope, which can create cold bridging.  This can cause a number of problems:  …More

metal grilles

10 tips for designing a roof access walkway

A roof access walkway is a complex and technically demanding specification which involves a range of important considerations relating to performance, safety, installation and its compatibility with the roofing structure. Here are 10 tips which cover the key factors which determine a suitable design and installation…   1 Choose lightweight material   The weight of…More