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Screening and cladding for heavy-duty performance

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Neaco modular grilles are suitable for all types of screen and cladding applications, from modesty screens to security screens. Unlike many metal grating products, our system is available a range of profiles which vary in surface area percentage, thus offering different levels of screening according to choice. Our most popular grille profile for screening and cladding is the classic design of our Flat Bar profile which provides an excellent balance between allowing penetration of natural light and restricting visibility for greater privacy.

The grilles provide an attractive aesthetic for cladding purposes which compares favourably to many metal grating products on the market. Anodising or powder coating options are available to create a feature of the cladding panels. All profiles are extremely durable, 100% recyclable, corrosion-free and virtually maintenance-free, making them highly suitable for cladding and metal grating for exposed and industrial environments. The modular grille panels are lightweight (1/3 the weight of steel) for easy handling, installation and replacement.


Patented swage-locked construction between the bars enables high structural efficiency.
Corrosive-free for maintenance-free durability, with a design life up 120+ years.
Manufactured from A1 Fire Rated aluminium
Quick and easy to install with no welding or hot woks required


Grille Profiles