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Government Advice Note

Implications of the Latest Government Advice Note

This article discusses the latest government advice, issued in June 2019, which has widespread implications for the assessment and management of balcony fire risk. The Grenfell disaster gave rise to new Building (Amendment) Regulations in December 2018, requiring stricter fire safety compliance for new, refurbished and converted residential buildings with a floor above 18 metres…More


Stair balustrade design – advice and technical guidance

Both performance and aesthetics are important considerations in stair balustrade design. A stairwell or stairway is a space where furniture is largely or totally absent, so balustrade is usually the focal point which allows design expression and defines the overall look. When it forms part of a more open space – for example, providing access…More

Building Legislation

Does the Current Building Legislation do Enough?

  Since this article was written and published, the The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has released an advice note about balconies on residential buildings. You can read about the implications of this advice note here.   In light of the recent balcony fire in Barking, East London, maybe we should be asking: Does…More

Durable colour coating range

Neaco’s New Durable Colour Coating Range

We love aluminium here at Neaco, but we know that the aesthetic can sometimes be a bit too much of a contrast from traditional decking, such as timber and composite, for certain developments. This is why we are excited to announce our new durable colour coating range. As part of our standard range, we currently…More

Fire Marshal at Neaco

Rhiannon Takes on a HOT New Role in the Office!

Our Sales Processor, Rhiannon has recently taken on the role of the Sales Office Fire Marshal. Wearing her fluorescent yellow Fire Marshal vest, Rhi will be responsible for making sure everyone from the Sales Office, staff kitchen, meeting rooms and bathrooms have left the building safely in the event of a fire.  The UK government…More

Welcome Jamie

Neaco’s New Recruit

Jamie Smith is now working in our Internal Sales department and has already had a successful first week! Jamie graduated from Hull University with a first-class degree in Criminology. The focus of Jamie’s dissertation was the Grenfell Tower disaster, which is an extremely poignant topic within our industry as this has led to a recent…More



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