Stainless Steel Balustrade

Our stainless steel balustrade is the perfect choice for high-end aesthetics, combining the natural sheen and material quality of stainless steel with precision-engineered detail for a truly luxurious appearance. All balustrade is available with our Lifetime Guarantee.

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Cast components in stainless steel are hand finished and satin polished for an immaculate visual appearance.

Clean, sharp intersection lines are created by true unidirectional polishing. Like all Spectrum systems, its modular system offers the versatility to meet virtually any design requirement, no matter how complex. Balustrade is engineered to close tolerances, with quality formed bends eliminating the need for unsightly mitred joints. Component parts are mechanically secured with concealed fixings, requiring no welding and ensuring rapid assembly on site (all fixings are supplied). You can also opt to combine our stainless steel balustrade with our aluminium balustrade as part of our Duplex system.


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