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Our Neatdek 3 shower grille is the only system on the market that provides level-access in its truest sense - no ridges and no gradients, just a completely level showering area. All products come with our Lifetime Guarantee.

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With a grille that lies flush to the floor and a tray underneath, Neatdek 3 provides a smooth surface transition which makes it feel like the rest of the bathroom floor.

Unlike wet room showers, Neatdek 3 doesn't need a slope to assist drainage. Unlike wet room showers, Neatdek 3 keeps the rest of the bathroom dry. This pioneering system provides the ultimate in easy access and fast, efficient drainage that, unlike many rival products, can accommodate the high output of modern power showers. It's available in a variety of sizes and can be installed with the option of our Neatseal PVC insert for a completely watertight joint which is much more durable than silicon seals. Available as a grille with tray or grille with frame, Neatdek 3 is a stylish, unobtrusive design which can be used and enjoyed by all ages and levels of mobility.

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